Digital Scrapbooking – my newest obsession!

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4 Responses to Digital Scrapbooking – my newest obsession!

  1. Kim Dodd says:

    Okay…these are so cute…did you use a program? I am presently up to my eyeballs in pictures, paper, stickers, and scrapbooks as I am determined to make headway with Claire’s first year and Kate’s junior/senior year! I love it but I’m thinking in the future….

    • Kim,
      Just saw your comment you HAVE to do the scrap book thing on line – it. is. so. much. easier!! I have been doing the Iphoto books for a couple years now and they are wonderful! Great quality and so super easy to do, b/c all your pictures are already in iphoto – all you do is drag and drop into the layouts they already have. Then when you’re done you just upload the thing, pay with a credit card and it’s on your doorstep in about 4 days. The last book I did was for my mom and was around 80 pages… I’m pretty sure the whole thing with shipping was about $115. They come with a dust jacket and you can place photos on the cover they are fantastic, I’m telling you, you will NEVER buy another tape runner again!

      The layouts on my blog are ones I created in Adobe InDesign. I use that program for Ken’s business and it’s pretty involved but if you have Photoshop you can create your own with that as well. I just decided I wanted to try more of a scrapbook look and now I’m hooked. I’m going to upload my layouts to Shutterfly b/c they allow you to use your own layouts as long as the files are jpegs. I haven’t ever used them before but Angela Baumgartner does and she has been really pleased with the quality so we shall see. You can check out – where you can download free papers and embellishments.

      There are numerous sites with everything you would ever find in a scrapbook store but I have really only used the free downloads so far. Okay, I know I have rambled enough, but I had to tell you how much easier this option was than the actual scrapbooking! As soon as I finish my book I’ll send you the link so you can flip through it and see how it turned out. At any rate, I’d really encourage you to do the Iphoto book, it doesn’t get any easier! Good luck! — Kathy

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great Shots! I want to hire you to come photograph my family!

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