Rainy Day


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3 Responses to Rainy Day

  1. Mel says:

    How is there not one spec of dust in this picture?!?! Awesome picture & love the colors 🙂

  2. Mel – Rainy Day = I was forced to stay inside and clean, thus the picture. On a normal day it never looks like this, it’s strewn with legos, books, and clothes…and dust. ;0)

    On my way to Bikram, hope you’re staying warm up there, snow yesterday??? WTH??

    • Mel says:

      Maybe I need to lock myself in my house on rainy days in order to clean (probably not gonna happen since on snow days I shovel & drag myself to the gym!)

      36 degrees right now – little snow last night. I am SOOOOO ready for heat & humidity!

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